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EXODUS is cloud-based software, engineered to give you an edge in the markets. Since 2009, our market intelligence software has laid waste to the competition. Fueled by powerful analytical engines and an energetic community of professional traders, Exodus will improve your trading acumen.


Exodus' screener is the best damned screener you’ll ever use. Powered by our predictive algorithms and intuitive display, rich with sophistication and decorum, you will never want to look at another screener again, not even a maybe.

Access "The Fly’s" trades in real time, in the community notes, alongside an army of active traders. Voice your opinions in stentorian tones, on any stock or ETF that is fortunate to be found in Exodus’ world class platform.

Become the lazy man you were born to be. Sit back and eat yams all day, as Exodus does the heavy lifting -- tirelessly toiling away—analyzing over 4,000 stocks and etfs at your behest.

"The Fly" reigns supreme. Fall in under his umbrella of supreme winship and embrace his cloud of fortune that he so generously shares in Exodus.

This is the crown jewel of Exodus: market timing algorithms.

We promise, nothing you will find online, in the sea of rabble-rousers and false gods, will ever come close to holding a candle to our mean reversion models, built in a complex web of mathematical harmony. Scores of testimonials will attest to its sublime nature, and uncanny ability, to time near term bottoms to the day. Our track record for our oversold alerts idles itself at the apex of market timing tools, with a success rate of over 80% since 2008.

Real Subscriber Testimonialsmore evidence of our greatness.

Hundreds of traders/investors benefit from Exodus

You should be ashamed of your damn self for not being one of them.

2230 User Baskets
172329 User Notes
5121 Stocks/ETFs

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