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Monthly Stocks Picks From Exodus Quantitative Strategies

Every Month a fresh set of stock picks are selected by using systematic AI, exclusively using the Exodus algorithms. Since debuting in May of 2017, it has beaten the S&P 500 at an astonishing 90% clip. These exclusive picks will be posted in Exodus and emailed instantly to all users.

Proprietary mean reversion models with a success rate over 80%

The crown jewel within Exdous are its predictive mean reversion algorithms. Our models will help you time near-term bottoms to the day, and our alerts have correctly predicted when the market is over/undersold at a success rate of 80% since 2008.

Exclusive access & positions of the iBankCoin team

Not only can Exodus members view "The Fly's" positions and receive trade alerts, but they're privy to activity in community rooms and stock notes. See what other iBankCoin staffers are up to and get unparalled access to our positions & rationale in real time.

The only screener you'll ever need because we built it from the ground up

Nine Years of Successful Predictive Algorithms
Customizable & Shareable Baskets & Screens
Technical + Fundamental (& Combined Hybrid) Analysis
Detailed Seasonality Tools

All of our proprietary data & oversold/overbought algorithms

We've built the ultimate system to do the heavy lifting at your behest. Get our iBankCoin exclusive technical, fundamental and hybrid scores for both current and historical timeframes. The numbers never lie and we've captured all of them for your consumption.

Community Collaboration with our sophisticated traders

Our vibrant community of sophisticated traders speak out on 5,000+ stocks & ETFs and come together to confabulate about market domination. Join the conversation in our Pelican room, leave notes on stocks/ETFs or share & view the screens of other Exodus members.

Join the iBankCoin team. Own the market.

Exclusive content, training & weekly strategies

Learn the ways of the wise with our weekly strategy sessions, forecasting & and Exodus training. Members will also unlock all stock & ETF notes, gain access to the exclusive Pelican room as well as our very own baskets and screeners. Oh, all this and our trade notifications each time that we change a position.

Supremely Powerful Screener with industry leading stock & ETF insights

In case you haven't been swayed yet, you should know that Exodus is the best screener you'll ever use. Hundreds of our members use Exodus simply for the intuitive display and ability to segment, filter, and slice data like no other tool has dreamt of. It's the only screener you'll ever need.

Comprehensive Sharpe Ratio data for thousands of stocks

Discover how to isolate risk with this advanced metric. The Exodus system has calculated Sharpe Ratio data for over 2,000 stocks to let you explore the risk-adjusted return for both individual tickers as well as collections of equities. In addition, the Sharpe Ratio is available for use in our powerful screener allowing you to prove out new investing models on the fly.

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